Glotech Marine Services

GLOTECH MARINE is a full-range Air/Seaport, Shipping and Petroleum Services company built on more than 15 years of solid dependable professional experience in safe, rapid and unparalleled quality services in the areas of Crew/Expatriate Management Services, Shipping Services and Petroleum Services. Our Services:

Crewing and Expatriate

Acquisition of work and residence permits in Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. Airport and seaport assistance, ground transportation, accommodation and hotel reservation. Read more

Oil & Gas and Fuel Supply

Provision of a cross range of oil and gas services to vessels, rigs, service boats etc. Services in the Sub-Saharan Africa for exploration and construction of oil and gas fields. Read more

Shipping Services

Pre-arrival information, regulations for destination port, berth and cargo handling shore crane hiring, vessel servicing with supplies, crew change, maintenance, repairs, fueling and more . Learn ore About Shipping Services

Tools & Provisions Supply

Procurement and supply of vessel spare parts, crew safety equipment, appliances, electronics, and provisions needed for efficient operation of your vessel. Request supply


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