General Vessel Supplies

General Supplies

Glotech Marine covers all the Cameroonian Ports with 24 hours services.

We will deliver your orders on board at any time during the day or by night 365 Day / Year.

We cover you with the following needs:


We always offer products from leading manufacturers to achieve our client’s maximum satisfaction. Our provided products are of high quality and provided at competitive prices.

Our clients have indicated their pressing priority to be SAVING TIME AND MONEY. This is why we deliver an efficient and cost saving service while meeting up with our supply requirements.

1) Provision

  • Frozen meat, poultry and seafood,
  • Canned & dry food,
  • Dry provisions,
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • Dairy products,
  • Frozen meat, fish and seafood,
  • Fresh, frozen and dry provisions,
  • Bonded stores (soft drinks, mineral water & sparkling water)

Our meat, chicken and fish supplies are health checked and certified.

2) Deck and Cabin Equipment

  • Catering Equipment,
  • Cloth & Linen Products,
  • Working Clothes,
  • Mooring Ropes,
  • Wire Ropes,
  • Chains,
  • Shackles & Turnbuckles,
  • Pilot Ladders,
  • Hooks, Swivels,
  • Wire Clips, Wire Course,
  • Tableware & Galley Utensils,
  • Cabin General Stores,
  • Hatch Cover Tapes,
  • Rope & Hawsers,
  • Brushes & Mats,
  • Hose & Couplings,
  • Measuring Tools

3) Engine Equipments

  • Power Tools,
  • Hand Tools,
  • Cutting Tools,
  • Valves,
  • Ball Bearings,
  • Packing & Joining Gaskets of all kinds,
  • Pipe & Tube Fittings,
  • Metal Sheets, Pipes, Bars,
  • General Engine Stores,
  • Welding Equipment,
  • Insulation Materials (Silicon ,Varnish, Gaskets etc…),
  • Oils and Lubicants

4) Safety & Nautical Equipment

  • IMO Signs & Posters,
  • Navigation Instruments (VHF radios etc…),
  • General Safety Equipment (Safety Shoes, Fire Extinguishers etc…),
  • Publications and Nautical Chart,
  • B.A. Charts & Flags,
  • Marine Communications Systems

5) Computer Services

  • Software , Hardware & Spare Parts

6) Electrical Stores

  • General Electrical Tools

7) Chemicals and Marine Paints

  • Chemicals (Liquid, Powder & Spray)
  • Marine Paints (Seawater Resistance, High Temperature Resistance etc…)

Technical Support

Our spirit of innovation allows us to stay current with the most recent technologies. With the assistance of our experienced and authorized partners, we provide technical support any time an expertise solution is needed.