Douala Seaport

The Douala Seaport is the main seaport in Cameroon serving most of the landlocked countries of the Sub-Sahara African region including Chad and Central Africa Republic. The port has nine conventional berths, two container berths and a shipyard. Bananas, gasoline, timber, cocoa, cotton, aluminium and bauxite are the most common export products. For more information about Douala Port as well as many types of port related services, Glotech Marine is the maritime agency in Cameroon you need.

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As a leading maritime agency in Cameroon, we can offer you the experience of a global company, combined with local know-how. Our comprehension of air and sea freight services allows us to deliver a professional service to our clients. We have extensive experience with all types of vessels including; tankers, bulkers, project and general cargo carriers, tuna clippers and offshore supply boats.

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1) Port Restriction

Douala port

Douala Ports Draft

No restrictions in place. However Tanks discharging clean petroleum products on berth
N° 1 :MAX L O A =140 M

2) Draft

The WOURI WATER is of fresh water density. Fresh water arrival /sailing draft may comply with tide Maximum fresh in the channel is:

  • 7.00m –UKC +Tide level
  • UKC = underkell clearance =50 cm

Tide variance is between:

  • From 0.3 m at low water
  • To 2.90 m at high water

    Douala Seaport

    Douala Port Container Terminal

Berths are kept enough depth for vessel complying with channel restriction.

  • Conventional Berth: 9 m +Tide level
  • Container Berth: 10.50 m +Tide level

Draft permitting vessel’s movements are fixed 1 hour before high tide.

  • Conventional Berth: 9 m +Tide level
  • Container Berth: 10.50 m +Tide level

3) Working Hours

  • Two Shifts: 07H 30 – 17H 00 and 17H 30 – 06H30

4) Public Holidays

  • 01 Jan New year day – not workable*
  • 11 Feb Youth day
  • 24 April Easter day – not workable*
  • 01 May National day – not workable*
  • 02 June Ascension
  • 15 August Assumption
  • 25 Dec Christmas – not workable*
  • Unfixed 02 variable Muslim holidays (Sheep and Ramadan)
Douala Airport

Douala International Airport

* not workable:
Port operation stop at 18h00 the day before or according to the last tide before mid-night and resumed 07h00 the day after or according to the first morning tide.
No operation, no sailing or berthing during closure period, except for supply vessel operating on oil fields.

5) Airport/Seaport

The Douala Seaport is a 10 minute drive from the airport. A distance of about 4 kilometers