Crewing & Expatriate Services

By exploiting our capabilities and reliable business networks we have always guaranteed our potential and existing clients OPTIMUM SATISFACTION and left them asking for more. It would surely be no different working with you.

We provide a range of services within our Crewing and Expatriate Services department.

These include:

  • Visa acquisition,
  • Air and Seaport assistance,
  • Ground transportation,
  • Accommodation and hotel reservation,
  • Acquisition of work and residence permits in Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea


  • Acquisition of entry and exit visas for all nationalities entering and leaving Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo and Equatorial Guinea.

Visa types include:

  • Transit visas can be acquired in cases where there is a vessel crew change.
  • Short term visas (below 6 months) and work permits for short durations within the above countries.
  • Long term visas (above 6 months). These may require additional requirements depending on type of visit and work.

Work Permits:

Should your Captain, Steward, Chief Engineer or Vessel Crew Member work in Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo or Equatorial Guinea, they need to posses ALL the right relevant working documents required by the laws of these countries. We promise to facilitate the process of obtaining the relevant documentation for your personnel within a specified time frame.


Meet and Greet

A meet and greet service is available 24 hours a day for customers arriving at the ports.
Concierge services through Air/Seaport security,
Arrival formalities/entry clearance,

Custom Clearance:

While your personnel wait in a secured area, our agents will work with authorities to support clearance of any items at the customs.

Ground Transportation:

Shuttle services to and from Sea/Airports. In-country displacements from Hotel to and from place of work or other appointments.
Chauffeur driven air conditioned cars with adequate security to ferry customers around town.

Accommodation and Hotel Reservation

  • Provision of well secured hotel and apartment reservations¬†for short and long contracts, as desired and can be afforded by the client.
  • As desired by the client we provide work and residence permits for the periods specified in the contracts of the expatriate.

All you have to do is keep us informed and we will do the worrying for you.