About Us

Imagine your Captain, Steward, Chief Engineer or any crew member held in police custody for illegal entry to a country, an expired visa, residence or work permit. Imagine them stranded for hours at the airport, seaport, custom or boarder control clearance in a foreign country, because there’s no one to pick them up or with no place to sleep/stay because there was no one to take care of their entry clearance… If your employees and contractors must work well, then they must first arrive at their place of work safely and possess the right working documents required by the laws in force in the country where they will be working.

Glotech Marine is there to serve your needs in circumstances like this. This is what we do best!

GLOTECH Marine is a full-range Air and Seaport, Shipping and Petroleum Services company built on more than 15 years of solid professional experience in safe, rapid and unparalleled quality services in the areas of Shipping, Petroleum, and Marine Crew and Expatriate Management Services.

Why Work With Us?

  • No advanced payment
  • Time-tested and proven dependable professional experience
  • Heavily discounted services
  • Guarantee of maximum Safety and Security of those entrusted into our care
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Regular updating of clients and customers


To confirm to our clients that:

  • We are reliable and dependable
  • We have the knowledge to provide a solution
  • We have the ability to implement that knowledge
  • We are innovative
  • We have the vision
  • We have the diversity
  • We have the structure
  • We have the resources and are resourceful
  • We have the experience
  • We have the determination


The ultimate responsibility for the implementation of this policy rests with the general management. However, departmental managers, officers, superintendents, supervisors and all other employees working with Glotech Marine are responsible for the application and maintenance of these objectives. This can only be achieved through regular and effective consultation, training and communication.